I can guarantee you that the moment this post goes live, indie/alternative fans across the world will be screaming a collective “YES!”…okay, maybe not across the world but there will definitely be so excited cheering…

Am I the only person who’s had enough of dubstep/house/electronic music filling our ears every which way we turn? It’s not that I don’t like dubstep/house/electronic, in fact I really love it, but it’s starting to get a bit repetitive now and it’s about time a little bit of something different blasted through our speakers. It happened with Oasis, when if you turned on the radio to hear something other than ‘Wonderwall’ playing, you’d count yourself really lucky…even though it’s a fucking awesome song.

Anyway, I digress. The point I’m trying to make is that FINALLY, I’ve come across a band producing something other than heavy baselines and techno beats and the indie fan in me is delighted. LIGERS are a four piece band based in London, who have already seen a huge amount of support from the UK music scene, including Tom Robinson at 6 Music and John Kennedy at XFM.

With this support behind them, LIGERS have just announced the release of their double A-side single featuring tracks ‘Break You’ and ‘Goodbye’, set for digital release on May 27th. Full of indie goodness, both songs showcase LIGERS’ almost psychedelic indie sound that will have Gossip/Beth Ditto fans crying, with happiness, into whatever fashion craze they’ve taken over right now.

‘Break You’ is the more upbeat song on the single, reminding me of ‘Standing in the Way of Control’ – it makes you want to dance, it makes you want to spend hours in the sun and it makes you really happy. ‘Goodbye’ is the slower partner of the two, but still as catchy, allowing the listener to relate to the lyrics as Liz Stott tells her tales through brutal honesty and uplifting vocals.

As if the announcement of a digital release wasn’t enough, LIGERS will also be headlining the Shacklewell Arms in East London on May 8th to celebrate the release of their single. Having recently performed for Club NME at Koko and confirmed sets at Benicassism, Wood Festival and HopFarm, it’s safe to say LIGERS are truly set for world domination…

Read the article: http://www.iammusic.tv/introducing-ligers/?utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Buffer&utm_content=bufferba996

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