LIGERS curate midweek mixtape for District MTV

London four-piece LIGERS have just dropped the psychedelic video for their single ‘Goodbye’, which will be released as a double A-side with the more upbeat ‘Break You’, on 24 June. Inspired by this month’s MTV Archive Icon, Liz, Jono, Daniel and Steve have broken away from their indie-pop roots to curate a mixtape of Madchester classics, exclusively for District MTV.


District MTV: How did you come up with the colourful concept for your ‘Goodbye’ video?

LIGERS: We all got together at our studio with some friends, a couple of projectors and two cameras. We felt like ‘Goodbye’ had a darker vibe than Break You, which is the poppier of the tracks. ‘Goodbye’ is kind of about finally seeing someone for what they are, and having the feeling that you knew that all along, but blocked it out for the sake of getting along with friends. We felt that the purple and pink projections represented the darker atmosphere of the song quite well visually and the director, Elva Rodriguez who is a good friend of ours, gave us free rein to try out our own ideas in a really collaborative fashion.

DMTV: You’re playing Benicassim, Wood Festival and Hop Farm this summer, but where would your dream gig take place?

L: Well we had a great time at Beni last year, so are really looking forward to that again. Seeing The Stone Roses was something none of us could really believe was happening, and Noel Gallagher’s set was surprisingly good, seeing as he never really sang that much with Oasis. I think we’d really love to do a show somewhere with a dramatic landscape, like a cave, but not so sure about the sound. Otherwise Saturday night headlining Glastonbury. How do you top that? It’s any musicians dream!

DMTV: What do you think of the Madchester music scene?

L: We actually had a ’90s party for Liz’s birthday the other night and it went off when ‘Step On’ by The Happy Mondays came on. Madchester gets a bit of a hard time really; the caricature of the bucket hats and the pills, but it was a really important time for UK music. The fact that The Stone Roses got so big barely playing London created a seismic shift in the perception of northern bands, that Oasis later rode in on.
Bands like New Order, Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses were really important in shaping where UK guitar music is nowadays. From a guitar point of view, Vinni Reilly and John Squire have been a big influence on the guitars in LIGERS. We have a new tune called ‘Across The Lake’ that has a bit of an early Stone Roses ‘Elizabeth My Dear’ kind of vibe.

DMTV: What’s your favourite song on your specially curated playlist and why?

L: ‘I Wanna Be Adored‘ just says it all! We really wanted ‘Ain’t No Love’ by Sub Sub, but it’s not on Spotify.

DMTV: What else should we expect from LIGERS this year?

L: Expect more gigs; particularly in odd places, a tour at some point, one or two more singles and loads of little promo videos to check out online…

Listen to LIGERS’ Madchester Classics by reading the full article:

Break You/Goodbye is released on 24 June
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