Independent film ‘Third Contact’ embarks on tour after making cinema history at BFI IMAX

The mind-bending, psychological thriller begins a stint of screenings around the UK, Europe, America and Canada after a successful kickstarter campaign funded its BFI IMAX premiere 

3C screenshot 2

Third Contact is the debut feature film from Director Simon Horrocks and his company, BodyDouble Films. After a successful premiere at the renowned BFI IMAX, the independent film will make its way around the UK, Europe, America and Canada over the next four months. Screenings are being funded by Indiegogo and Tugg using a unique ‘cinema on demand’ approach.

The story follows Dr David Wright, a depressed psychotherapist, who embarks on an obsessive investigation after a second patient takes their life in mysterious circumstances.

Shot using only a handheld camcorder, a microphone and a light, the overall budget for the film came to an astonishingly low £4000. The film has been praised for its exceptional camera work in addition to its seamless use of colours, themes and sounds throughout. The actors have been credited on numerous occasions for their performances whilst the script has been commended on its intelligence.

The writer and director, Simon Horrocks, who also took care of filming, casting, production and editing, had raised the money to put the film together by working in a cinema. Later down the line, Horrocks would be making cinema history for having a film short costing virtually nothing, screening in a theatre alongside films made for £200 million.

This milestone moment in Horrocks career came together by a Kickstarter campaign, which funded the premiere held at the BFI IMAX in London. The likes of MacUser Magazine and Raindance Film Festival got behind the project and made donations towards the campaign.

Once the premiere had taken place the film received rave reviews from the likes of Faust, Critics Associated, Frankenpost, Movie Sleuth and The London Film Review. Third Contact also made it to the prestigious HoF International Film Festival in Germany.

Third Contact will be screening in various locations in the UK, Europe, Canada and America over the forthcoming few months. See full list of dates below. More dates are being announced every day. Keep up to date with all screenings being announced here

January 10th – Filmhuis Klappei, Antwerp, buy tickets

January 15th – AMC Showplace, Indianapolis, USA buy tickets

January 22nd – Kino Riffraff, Zurich, Switzerland buy tickets

January 30th – The Cube, Bristol, UK buy tickets

February 12th – The Cinema Museum, London, UK buy tickets

February 18th – Ultimate Picture Palace, Oxford, UK buy tickets

February 22nd – Central Kino, Berlin, Germany. buy tickets

February 24th – Rio Theatre, Vancouver, Canada buy tickets

February 26th – Mayfair Theatre, Ottawa, Canada buy tickets

February 28th – Carlton, Toronto, Canada buy tickets

March 6th – Tyneside, Newcastle, UK buy tickets

March 7th – Showroom, Sheffield, UK buy tickets

March 12th – The Forum, Norwich, UK buy tickets

Third Contact Poster (small)For more information and all media enquiries please contact




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