Mastering Our Own Mind

Steve Richard Braithwaite leads ‘Mastering The Mind’, retreats at Champneys Spas across the UK


Steve Richard Braithwaite, leader of all things Mind Fitness, will begin his ‘Mastering The Mind’ retreats in conjunction with Champneys Spas on February on February 21st 2014.

Health and fitness is very much a hot topic these days. We read in the news every day about our weight, what we eat, how much we exercise and how to live longer. Is there enough of a focus on the fitness of our mind and what we can do to help ourselves before leaping onto a long couch for a 1 hour session?

Steve Richard Braithwaite, born in 1960 in Vancouver, Canada, believes that we can better our lives through Mind Fitness and being the masters of our own thoughts.

In this two day retreat held at various Champneys Spas throughout the UK, Steve will offer seminars in Mind Fitness, The Power of Reasoning and Mindful Awareness followed by a Q&A session. This will include a 2 night’s stay at the esteemed Champneys resort and use of their facilities.

Steve’s work has seen him teach mind fitness, mindful awareness and stress management courses for large corporations, including L’oreal, BlackRock and Toni & Guy. Steve has delivered stress free, wellness and mind fitness seminars around the UK for 15 years, as well as running his own holistic wellness company, MBV365. Most recently, Steve is working with the NHS and breast cancer patients in an innovative programme called ‘Pathway’.

Steve hopes to bring more awareness to Mind Fitness, promoting better mental awareness and how anyone can be a master of their own mind. He explains “Every day of our lives we are faced with new challenges. How we deal with them is decided by our mind fitness. Great Mind Fitness can be achieved through understanding the Four Minds Of Development and becoming mindfully aware with the ultimate goal of becoming masters of our own minds. This is what I will teach at these retreats”

Steve’s Mastering The Mind retreats will begin at Champneys Tring resort on February 21st 2014. The retreats will then continue every month until the end of 2014. For all dates, information and bookings please see here

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