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Sunset Graves shares his top 5 covers for .Cent Magazine






Sunset Graves‘ Andy Fosberry, a British producer, about his favourite cover versions: “When I was asked to list my 5 favourite cover versions, I had to think about what makes an artist performing another artist’s work become something more than only that very basic description. Reinterpretations and total rewrites are great, but whoever is singing or playing someone else’s song has to own it. When it appears live or on a record, it is theirs and the original is forgotten. So with givens like The Byrds doing Dylan or Aretha doing Otis aside, these are my top 5.”

Read the full article here: http://centmagazine.co.uk/cover-cover-versions/13298 



Sunset Graves shares Palms remix and stream of new album














Download remix:  https://soundcloud.com/sunsetgraves/palms-tropics-sunset-graves-grayscale-remix-1

Listen to ‘Form Your Ghost’ in full: https://soundcloud.com/sunsetgraves/sunset-graves-form-your-ghost-lp-full-stream

Sunset Graves shares his remix of ‘Tropics’ by Palms (Deftones, Isis), for free download on his soundcloud. The producer who released his ‘Form Your Ghost’ album last week has also put the whole album up for stream.

Sunset Graves, also known as Andy Fosberry, had this to say about the remix;

“Being a long time Deftones fan, I was aware that the Palms record was coming, but I didn’t hear a note of it until it was released. To my surprise, it wasn’t only my favourite record from last year, but has now become one of my favourite albums ever. I chose Tropics because there are other songs on the album that, unarguably, just can’t be fucked with.

The track took about two weeks to finish. But I wanted it to be right and ended up recording live instruments as well as applying more ‘in the box’ methods. I used the most rudimentary vocal extraction technique to grab two of Chino’s verses, sampled a 4 bar loop from the outro and some of the crackle from my copy of the album. This is all I used. The rest is all new music at the same tempo and key as the original.

When it was finally done, I nervously presented it to Aaron, who was stoked with the outcome and sent it out the rest of the band.  …couldn’t ask for more really.”

Sunset Graves second full-length album ‘Form Your Ghost’ is out now via 3rd & debut records. ‘Form Your Ghost’ has been likened to God Is An Astronaut, Elevium and Boards of Canada. Andy recorded, mixed and mastered the album himself throughout the winter in his self-described “creepy as fuck” recording studio on the edge of the countryside.


Clash Magazine Premiere: Sunset Graves Remixes Palms

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Sunset Graves has remixed the awesome ‘Tropics’ from Palms and you can download it for free courtesy of Clash Magazine.

Read the full article and get your free download here: http://www.clashmusic.com/news/premiere-sunset-graves-remixes-palms 


Sunset Graves new single ‘Your Ghost Is Formed’ out today. B-Side track Turquoise revealed.

Sunset Graves - Your Ghost is Formed


Listen to Your Ghost Is Formed here

Listen to Turquoise here






Sunset Graves’ new single ‘Your Ghost Is Formed’ is released today and available to buy digitally and on limited edition 7” clear vinyl.  This is the first single from their forthcoming album ‘Form Your Ghost’ released on June 9th and includes ‘Turquoise’ an exclusive non-album b-side which is available to listen to online for a limited time.

Sunset Graves, aka Andy Fosberry, has been described as “morbidly playful” and “cinematic” with comparisons to Eluvium, God Is An Astronaut and Boards Of Canada often coming up.

The debut album ‘Variant’ combined the likes of ambient electronic with post-rock and trip hop along with showcasing Andy’s apparent love of samples. Impressing listeners with its risky approach to mixing genres the album received shining reviews and presented Sunset Graves as a promising new producer and artist.

The ‘Your Ghost Is Formed’ single is available to buy on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/your-ghost-is-formed-single/id868629976?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

You can also buy the limited edition 7” clear vinyl single here: https://sunsetgraves.bandcamp.com/album/your-ghost-is-formed-single

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Sunset Graves – Your Ghost Is Formed

Sunset Graves - Your Ghost is Formed

I am very happy to announce that I have started working with the wonderful Sunset Graves as he prepares to release his new album. You may be familiar with the name, his last release ‘Variant’ got some good attention.

He has just shared his brand new single ‘Your Ghost Is Formed’ which you can listen to here – https://soundcloud.com/sunsetgraves/sets/sunset-graves-your-ghost-is-formed-single 

The first single from the release, ‘Your Ghost Is Formed’, will be available to buy digitally and on limited edition 7” clear vinyl on May 19th. The single release will also include an exclusive non-album track called ‘Turquoise’.

‘Your Ghost Is Formed’ is the release to follow Sunset Graves debut album ‘Variant’. A risky first release in terms of introducing his sound, ‘Variant’ spans a wide variety of genres from track to track with the likes of post-rock, ambient electronic and trip-hop all on offer. The release received descriptions of “morbidly playful”, “cinematic” and “meticulously planned melodies” amongst its reviews and overall seemed to really excite its listeners.

Moving on to what the new stuff has to offer. When writing the new material, Sunset Graves aka Andy Fosberry, had the likes of The Haxan Cloak, Palms, Burial and Boards Of Canada filling his ears. The music is heading to a more electronic place with more samples, less vocals and more emotion, all recorded with a much darker tone. But that’s just to the tip of it! He doesn’t want to give much more away.

The ‘Your Ghost Is Formed’ single is available to pre-order on vinyl here and more news on the forthcoming album will be coming very soon.

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If you would like to find out more about Sunset Graves email info@jennaleepr.com