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Sunset Graves shares his top 5 covers for .Cent Magazine






Sunset Graves‘ Andy Fosberry, a British producer, about his favourite cover versions: “When I was asked to list my 5 favourite cover versions, I had to think about what makes an artist performing another artist’s work become something more than only that very basic description. Reinterpretations and total rewrites are great, but whoever is singing or playing someone else’s song has to own it. When it appears live or on a record, it is theirs and the original is forgotten. So with givens like The Byrds doing Dylan or Aretha doing Otis aside, these are my top 5.”

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.Cent Magazine put the spotlight on To Be Frank

.Cent magazine put the spotlight on To Be Frank as they talked about this years festival season, his new EP, pop music and more.

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.CENT Magazine at the EP launch of Juliette Ashby

 .Cent was invited to the EP launch of Juliette Ashby, a truly aspiring artist based in Camden – and that was exactly the place where we got to listen to her soulful sounds. Before we got to hear SoulShack founder Juliette Ashby and her accompanying band though, four more musicians (and bands) made sure to build up the excitement for the grand finale.

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