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Introducing Indie-Soul Singer Rhyan

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Indie-soul singer-songwriter RHYAN has shared his debut single ‘When I’m With You’ on Soundcloud. The track, which RHYAN wrote when he was 14, will be released independently on July 28th.


‘When I’m With You’ is stripped back yet breathes soul. The natural sound of RHYAN on the piano accompanied by just his vocals is later brought to life by the strings that gracefully lay over the track.


The track gives an idea of what’s to come from the South London artist, but according to RHYAN that the sound won’t necessarily stay the same “I like and listen to all kinds of music. Pop, rock, jazz, hip-hop.  If that comes out in my music then cool, I am up for taking it that way”. When it comes to his own personal music taste and influences the likes of Prince, Queen, Fall Out Boy, Rihanna and Linkin Park can be found on his playlist.


Demonstrating a mature sound, style and direction at just 16 years old,‘When I’m With You’ is the first introduction to RHYAN as an artist. His debut EP is expected later this year.


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