Steve Richard Braithwaite – Mind Fitness

“Working with Jenna has been wonderful and very insightful. The way in which she established my name and product ( Mind Fitness ) within the lifestyle and wellness industry has been exceptional. Jenna opened up many doors and created excellent opportunities in a short space of time which exceeded our targeted expectations. Jenna is always inspiring and full of original ideas to guarantee the best exposure and awareness for maximum product impact. Thank you Jenna, its been a real pleasure working with you”.

Sean Moeller – Daytrotter

“It’s always a pleasure working with Jenna. We’re 2-for-2 making Daytrotter sessions happen with her artists. She makes good things happen for her clients.”

To Be Frank – Artist

“Jenna has been fantastic to work with on To Be Frank’s Nothing Campaign, she has gone out of her way to achieve some great results that the whole team are all really happy with.”

Chris Russell – RAW Television Productions

“Jenna is one of the best music PR people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. It’s a cliche, but Jenna really does live and breath her career and it makes working with her something you look forward to and relish.  We’ve worked on a number of artists and shows together and the dedication she has to looking after her acts is to be admired – it’s worth knowing that she does this without ever putting pressure on people to deliver a promises that was never made. And you can’t say that about everyone!”

Tina Campbell – Founder of Crave On Music and Presenter at Meridian Radio

“Jenna is a real firecracker who is a delight to both work and socialise with. Her determination to deliver the best combined with strong work ethic, experienced knowledge of the music industry, and networking skills, are second to none. More power to Miss Lee!”

Sophie Eggleton – Music and Fashion Editor, Culture Compass

“Always a complete pleasure to work with and with an impressive list of clients she has found the perfect balance of keeping me up to date of releases and artists news without leaving me with the feeling of being hassled – something a lot of PR’s get wrong! She is always efficient at arranging interviews and sorting out passes for shows and I look forward to continuing to work with her.” 

Jeni Barnett – Broadcaster, BBC 

“Jenna is one of the hardest working women I know. She is determined and tenacious and a great team player.” 

Jumping Ships – Artist

We worked with Jenna on our video for ‘Talisman’. In the initial stages there was issues with a scene that had to be cut.. this delayed everything by a few weeks – she dealt with this incredibly well and was patient throughout the changes. The video still made it’s way onto Kerrang! Scuzz and Gym tv channels respectively. We have had numerous people responding to the video’s airing on these channels and we feel that it increased our fanbase dramatically. Jenna is someone who is full of passion for the industry and possesses an admirable work ethic”.

Make Sparks – Artist

“Having had Jenna working with us on several campaigns I can honestly say she does a fantastic job. She’s always keen, positive and forward thinking which has allowed our music to get out to a much larger audience. With plays on Kerrang! and Q Radio not to mention countless local stations around the country, Jenna puts in everything she can to make sure the band she’s working for gets out there and gets heard.”


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