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Jack Flash LIVE Ont’ Sofa – Out Now

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The first in a series of ‘LIVE Ont’ Sofa’ releases this year, the Harrogate born online music channel release ‘Jack Flash LIVE Ont’ Sofa’ today via Ont’ Sofa Records.

Recorded at a pop up gig at Verve bar in the rapper’s hometown of Huddersfield, the EP boasts four tracks taken live from the show.

‘LIVE Ont’ Sofa’ is an idea that was born from the channel wanting to showcase new talent from all across the UK in a live setting. Ben Davis and Jason Odle, the Ont’ Sofa duo, travel the UK setting up pop up gigs in not-so-typical venues, recording the whole performance, creating a live record and getting it out there for all to hear. The label’s first release caused some unexpected attention from team X-Factor last year when they were asked to remove the ‘Luke Friend LIVE Ont’ Sofa EP’ following Luke’s appearance on the show.

The Jack Flash collaboration came together when Ont’ Sofa booked him to record a session for their YouTube channel. “We saw the potential in Jack straight away and really enjoyed his love for what he does. We spoke about working together on something special and this came about.”   Ont’ Sofa’s plan is to release a string of records throughout the year from a variety of emerging talent.


No Best

Get A Job

Intimate Strangers

3 Chords

Listen to Ain’t No Best from the Jack Flash LIVE Ont’ Sofa: https://soundcloud.com/ontsofa/aint-no-best

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